María José Valero Sancho

    María José has an extensive experience in management and organization positions of companies, with more than 10 years in the world of the textile production industry for automotive.

    She currently directs a business project based on the firm belief and commitment to the growth potential of talent in people and companies (Talent Growth Management), from where she supports companies in their reorganization, in the establishment of control guidelines and communication, and ensuring the best management of its resources (human, financial and productive). Wich means, leading change and professionalization; Cultural and Digital Transformation.

    She is currently an ambassador for Technovation Girls Comunidad Valenciana and prepares young women (10 to 18 years old) to become leaders and technological entrepreneurs. With the support of volunteer mentors, girls work in teams to code mobile apps that address real-world problems. She also leads several projects in the field of female empowerment or the curricular improvement of our young people, where the basis is efficient communication and technology.7